Webroot Reinstall

Webroot is among the best security software that safeguards your devices from existing online threats. But there are instances when the software unexpectedly stops working and is no longer providing you its ultimate protection. So if the program gets corrupted or gives you an error message you can reinstall it anytime with the same keycode until your subscription is active. Here you will get a comprehensive procedure on how to reinstall your webroot product. 

If the software file is damaged, you must uninstall it first. On Windows, you can execute the uninstallation process by going to the Control Panel. On the main interface of the Control Panel, you will see the Programs section. In this section, click Uninstall a Program. View your Webroot software and select the uninstall option by right-clicking on it. Whereas on Mac, open Finder and access the Applications folder. Identify your Webroot application first. Then drag, and move it to the Trash folder. Thereafter, open the Trash folder and click Empty Trash. 

Webroot Reinstall

How to conduct a Webroot reinstall procedure?

Now, you can easily begin the Webroot reinstall process by pursuing every step given in this procedure. 

  1. Ahead to Webroot redownload page. For that, type webroot.com/in/en/redownloads in the address bar in your selected web browser. 
  2. On this page, you will recognize the Last Name and Email Address fields. Provide the details accordingly and to receive the keycode on mail, enable the checkbox. Then, click on the Download Now button for Webroot Reinstall. 
  3. Instantly, the download processing of your Webroot software will quickly start. When completed, double-click the file, and the Webroot Installation window will be presented on your computer screen. 
  4. Here you will notice the Installation Options tab. Click on it and verify that your preferable language is selected. If not, select the Language that is suitable for you by clicking on the drop-down arrow key. 
  5. Also, properly review and acknowledge the Software License Agreement. Once you are well-known with each and every statement of the agreement, return back to the Installation window. 
  6. There is a product key field given in the middle of the screen which is required to fill before initiating the installation. The key code will be the same that you have received when you made the purchase. 
  7. While redownloading the software, you got an email with the 20 digit product key code. Hence, take note of the keycode by checking the mail. 
  8. Now, reach the Webroot Installation window again, and insert the code into the specified product key field without any mistake. 
  9. Thereafter, click on the Agree and Install button which is provided to you at the bottom of the installation window. 
  10. You may see the User Account Control pop-up box. Click Yes for Webroot Reinstall. By doing so you are giving your consent to the program for making some major changes to the system. 
  11. You will have to wait until the Webroot Reinstall process is successfully completed. Ensure that your system must get a good speed of internet while installing. 
  12. Now, you can start your Webroot software for enabling its exclusive features.